Thank you for visiting Deesum Designs. My name is Molly Mayer and I have been creating jewelery for the past 9 years. Over the years I've been developing my style and my techniques. I'm still learning everyday and I strive to keep up with the latest techniques and trends. I relish the challenge of creating one-of-a-kind pieces.


Besides my online store on my site, I also have an Etsy shop. You can find Deesum Designs jewelry at the following retail stores:

Homespun: Modern Handmade: Indianapolis, IN

Gifthorse: Louisville, KY

Country Outfitters: Online Store

Deesum's Story

Deesum was a name I chose when I was in junior high. Deesum was a minor character in a book that I loved. She was protective and prone to reacting dramatically. I was mostly attracted to the name, but my personality is eerily similar. Reading has always been the greatest source of inspiration for me. There's nothing quite like when you read a book and find yourself in another world.

My Family

When my customers support Deesum Designs, they are supporting my family. I live in Bedford, Indiana with my two boys: Leo & Jay. They are my world. On our days off, we like to go outdoors. Visiting the zoo is one of our favorite things to do. I try hard to instill in them a love and respect for nature. We love to build and when we're stuck indoors, we like building lego worlds.

Being a parent has been challenging but incredibly rewarding. We've been fortunate and blessed with this beautiful life.